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Alphabetical List of IRB Policies

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Allegations and Findings of Noncompliance
Appropriate and Equitable Selection of Subjects
Authority and Independence of the IRB in Protecting Human Research Participants
Closure of Approved Protocols
Conflict of Interest for IRB Members, Chairs, and Consultants
Conformity of Investigational or Unlicensed Test Articles (Devices) to Federal Regulations
Conformity of Investigational or Unlicensed Test Articles (Drugs, Biologics) to Federal Regulations
Continuing Review of Approved IRB Protocols
Creation, Revision, Review, and Dissemination of Policies for Human Research Protection Program
Data and Safety Monitoring in Proposed Research
Documentation of IRB Discussions and Decisions (IRB Minutes)
Educational Opportunities for the Community
Emergency Use of a Test Article
Expedited Review
Faculty Use of Students as Research Participants or Paid or Unpaid Assistants in their Research
Federalwide Assurance (FWA) for Protection of Human Subjects

Financial Conflict of Interest
Full Board Review of Protocols
Human Research Determination
Human Research Participant Protection Plan
Identifying and Minimizing Risks to Human Research Participants
Improving Qualifications and Expertise of IRB Members, Investigators, and Office for Research Staff
Institutional Commitment to Protection of Human Subjects by the IRB
Investigator and Staff Response to Participants’ Questions, Complaints, and Concerns
Investigator Assessment of Participant Comprehension
Investigator Input into the HRPP/IRB Review Process
Investigator Responsibility for Informed Consent Process and Documentation
IRB and Investigator Responsibilities for Applications Involving Declared or Undeclared Investigator Conflicts of Interest
IRB Application for Modifying Approved Protocols
IRB Record Keeping and Management
Monitoring of Previously Approved Research for Cause: Suspension and Termination
Obtaining Additional Expertise or Expert Consultation for IRB Reviews
Participant and Community Questions, Suggestions, Complaints, and Concerns about Research Studies
Protection of Children in Research
Protection of Human Research Participants’ Privacy and Confidentiality
Protection of Pregnant Women, Fetuses, and Neonates
Protection of the Cognitively Impaired
Qualifications and Responsibilities of Investigators
Reportable Events: Protocol Deviations, Unanticipated Problems, and Adverse Events
Research Involving Prisoners
Research Involving the Internet
Research Using a Limited Data Set
Research Using a Restricted Access Data Set
Research Using Publicly Available Datasets
Research Utilizing Records, Chart Reviews, and Case Studies/Reports
Review and Oversight of Research Conducted at Multiple Sites
Review for Exemption
Routine Post-Approval Monitoring of Protocols (PAM)
Sponsored Projects Agreements for Human Subjects Research and Human Research Protections
Student Research Pools
Subject Recruitment and Compensation
University Expectations for Persons Involved with HRPP
University of Alabama Policy on Conflict of Interest/Financial Disclosures in Research and Other Sponsored Programs
Waivers, Alterations, and Exceptions to Informed Consent or its Written Documentation

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